Grace, lightness, natural refinement and proud carriage, these are the images that we like to associate with the Arabian horse.  When the same wonders appear on a diminutive size, it is amazing and difficult to believe !  We are pleased to present our passion : the ‘American Mini Horse’.  They are the exact miniature version of the Arabian horse with the same proportions and a wide variety of colours.  We breed them with love, enthusiasm and admiration !  We thought we would never care for horses until the day we met these irresistible miniatures : it was love at first sight !  Definitely ! After having  acquired horses registered with the BMP (Belgian Miniature Horse Association), we decided to refine our breeding with miniature horses that meet the association standard of perfection : AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association).  Real American proud bloodline horses !

We have taken great care in the selection of breeding ‘minis’ for our family farm located in the Province of Hainaut, in the Thudinie.  This region is only a few kms from the France and about 50 kms from Brussels. It is conveniently located in the gently undulating Valley of the Sambre and Meuse River.  We welcome all visitors !  Prior to your visit, please contact us on +32 71 59 50 53!

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